Because sustainability matters

At Stereo, we have made it our mission to try to do our best for the environment. Aware that there is no destination in this quest but that every day there is a way to do better. We are therefore tackling this social problem in 3 areas, the environment, people and business.


Green Mobility
We have selected our offices for their proximity to a train and bus station so that everyone has the opportunity to come to work by public transport. We are ideally located in Braine l'Alleud, 20 minutes from Brussels, which makes the offices accessible to all our colleagues.
Green Computing
We have adopted a strategy to pass the computers from profile to profile, so we buy very powerful computers for the designers, who pass them to the developers and then to the project managers and finally to the administrator. Our oldest Imac is from 2011 and still bills every month.
Waste Management
We avoid all single-use products as much as possible, we favor green and returnable packaging for all drinks. We have no coffee capsules and we grow flowers with the coffee weary. We scrupulously sort out the rest.
Green Product
We push and support our customers towards a greener digital. We have optimized all of our processes, selected our tools and are campaigning for a greener and more accessible internet.


Our society is stressful. Business, deadlines, quality, bring tensions. We do a service business, our products are the skills and services of our colleagues and yet we give the best of ourselves when we feel safe.

At Stereo, the human being is therefore at the center of the reflection. We try to understand our colleagues, their motivations and try to offer them a framework and flexibility that allows them to experience quality time at work and outside. Our second axis of reflection is the skills, improving yourself, learning some new things is valued paramount personally and professionally. So we have free time on this and thus create a long-lasting win-win situation.


We have a sustainable vision of business, we have been around since 2006. We are driven by results, and are proud of the success of our customers. This approach allows us to have an excellent value for money and therefore supports our customers over the long term. We also offer digital products that are as green as possible. We will deliver ethical and accessible digital products and we make pride our solutions will last over time, with the least possible dependency and with the lightest possible infrastructures.